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Interested in a career at Marquette? We're always looking for great people to join our team. We are now hiring captains, cooks, deckhands, engineers, tankermen, and trip pilots as well as shore-based managers.

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Note:  Following are tips that should help you successfully submit an application:
•  We recommend you use a desktop or laptop computer with a keyboard to submit our application. Some tablets and mobile devices are too small or not compatible with our application. You can go to a local library or any Marquette office. You can find our office locations here: and select any location at the bottom to see the address.
•  Internet browser software can sometimes be the problem. Please confirm you are using the newest version of your internet browser.  Each browser is different but look for the “tools” or “settings” menu and the update controls to install the latest version.
•  Some security and add-on software can block the submission of an application. You can try again after disabling all firewalls, toolbars and/or security settings on your Browser. After making any changes, make sure to close your browser and reopen before completing the application.
•  If it seems the Submit button on the application won’t work, it is almost always because all of the red required fields are not completed. Please go through all fields carefully on the application to make sure all red asterisked fields have correctly formatted information in them. Then try submitting the application again.