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We are always looking for adventurous, well-qualified individuals who are interested in working in the marine industry. If you think maritime employment may be right for you, visit the open job descriptions below to learn more about what you'll be doing.

Vessel-based Jobs

Position Location
Chief Engineer - Linehaul Paducah, KY
Deckhand - Entry Level & Experienced Paducah, KY
Deckhand - Entry Level & Experienced Harahan, LA
Deckhand - Entry Level & Experienced Houston, TX
Fleet  Deckhand Baton Rouge, LA
Fleet Deckhand Laplace, LA
Fleet Deckhand Donaldsonville, LA
Fleet Captain/Pilot Baton Rouge, LA
Fleet Captain/PIlot Laplace, LA
Fleet Captain/Pilot Donaldsonville, LA
Offshore Deckhand Lockport, LA
Offshore Tugboat Captain Lockport, LA 
Tankerman Houston, TX
Tankerman St. Rose, LA
Towboat Cook Paducah, KY
Vessel Captain - Linehaul Paducah, KY
Vessel Captain - Linehaul Harahan, LA

Shore-based Jobs

Position Location Department Posted
IT Director of Business Solutions Paducah, KY Information Technology 7/1/21
Port Captain   Paducah, KY Operations 7/20/21
Vessel Quality Safety and Environmental Manager Paducah, KY  Compliance 7/7/21
Logistics Manager St. Rose, LA Sales & Logistics 7/15/21
Crew Driver Paducah, KY Operations 7/1/21
Receptionist/Accounting Assistant Paducah, KY Accounting 8/30/21
Human Resources Recruiter  - Temp Paducah, KY Human Recources 9/1/21

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