Title:                      Crew Change Coordinator

Position:              Full-time Hourly/Non-Exempt

Reports to:         Director of Crew Management

Division:              Gulf-Inland

Location:             Harahan


Principal Responsibilities:

·         Coordinate morning crew operations beginning at 0600, Monday – Friday.

·         Primary duties during the morning evolutions include:

o   Coordinating arrival of vendor drivers

o   Loading groceries and supplies for vessels

o   Accounting for all expected crew personnel

o   Coordinating the muster for morning Safety meeting at 0630

·         Drive crew members to/from the assigned vessels (locally with company vehicle)

·         Assist Crew Managers as required

o   Data entry

o   Filing

·         Perform other duties as required.



·         Good communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Must have a valid Driver’s License with an excellent driving record.

·         Knowledge of roads, highways and coastal areas is a plus.

·         Ability to travel (locally with company vehicle).

·         Must be reliable and able to work independently.

·         Strong Microsoft Office skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are a plus.

·         Must be a strong team player.