Data Analyst
Who We Are …
We are Marquette.  We Conquer Every Mile.  This means safely deliver cargo and transportation solutions by Conquering every mile, every watch, every dayThis is our Purpose, and we live it every day! 
We want you to join our Analytics team as a Data Scientist in our Kentucky-based corporate headquarters!
Your Team …
The Analytics team effectively brings our data to life.   They convert raw, unstructured streams of data into industry-leading, strategic data models and visualizations.  They navigate mounds of disparate data sources and weave it into meaningful metrics, leading performance indicators, and prescriptive models.   They nimbly partner with our robust operational teams and leaders to make key strategic busines decisions.   They effectively articulate a business vision, built from a data foundation, across the entire organization.
Your Role …
You are an inventor and fearless innovator.   You develop descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data visualizations via a variety of cutting-edge technologies to continually evolve and revolutionize our strategic and competitive position.   Traditional barriers are no match for your intellectual curiosity, as you are not afraid to think outside the box.
You understand we succeed as a team.   Both within the analytics team and Marquette in general, you embrace a culture of ‘family’ and provide great value in both mentorship and protégé relationships.  No one person can know everything, and you understand how to effectively articulate your statistical & programmatic knowledge within a company that holds deep knowledge of the transportation industry.  You know building a strong repertoire with our internal customers thrusts you into ‘trusted advisory’ status – a role you embrace!
You understand the business world and data science field are evolving at a rapid pace, and you eagerly hone your skillset to stay among the ‘best of the best’ in the field.   Whether it be learning new algorithmic approaches, diving deeper into cloud-based architecture, or attending state-of-the-art data science conferences, you embrace perpetual learning.
What You Bring to the Team …
  • You are a great learner, achieving (or about to graduate with) a bachelor’s degree with a high GPA in computer science, data science, analytics or a closely-related field
  • You will be working with tremendous amounts of data, so you will comprehend SQL and Excel
  • You will be embarking on machine learning modeling, so you will have a firm grasp on statistics and understand machine learning algorithms (regression, clustering, etc)
  • You can code in python – or actively want to learn it
  • You thrive by continually evolving – so prior experience is not necessary!