Title:                     2023 Summer Intern - IT (Business Analyst)
Position:              Hourly/Non-Exempt
Reports To:         IT Director, Business Solutions
Location:             Paducah, KY
About Marquette:
Headquartered in Paducah, KY and founded in 1978, Marquette is a leading provider of inland marine transportation services.   Our Company operates over 135 tow and tugboats on the Mississippi River System, Gulf-Intracoastal Waterway, and near-shore coastwise market.  In addition, the Company controls over 1,000 dry cargo barges.  The Company has additional offices in St. Rose, LA, Lockport, LA and Houston, TX. With over 1,600 vessel and shore-based employees, Marquette is the largest provider of independent towing services within the inland waterways.
Marquette’s core customers include several of the largest buyers of bulk freight in the world and the Company’s success has been driven by a long-term partnership approach to servicing its customers.  Marquette typically transports a variety of bulk commodities such as agricultural products, fertilizer, salt, aggregates, steel products, scrap metal, industrial sand, coal, petcoke and certain liquid bulk cargoes moved in tank barges.  Through the combined operations of its River and Gulf-Inland divisions, we provide customers integrated marine transportation solutions from as far north as Minneapolis / Chicago to the Center Gulf, west as far as Brownsville, TX and east to Pensacola, FL.  Marquette’s Offshore division is a leading provider of tugboat services in the dredging market and for complex towing work required for special project cargo moves.
About Marquette IT:
Marquette operates with a hybrid internal and outsourced IT solution which leverages the best of a small personal, internal IT team with the flexibility, resources and wider breadth of skillsets provided by our partners. We support multiple networks, over 1,200 IT devices and 1800 users. We manage 85+ software/IT service products and vendors. Marquette is currently expanding its internal ability to provide technology aided business solutions for our internal customers.
IT Intern position for 2023:  
The 2023 IT intern will work directly with our business solutions expert to perform all the traditional functions of a Business Analyst for all projects underway during the intern period. The intern will have the unique opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience in implementing business/technology transformation projects at Marquette.  
Principal Responsibilities:
  • Perform all duties of an IT/Business Analyst as assigned.
  • Participate in all phases of business solution project including discovery, design, selection, and implementation. 
  • Gather and document requirements by interviewing employees and/or direct observation of processes.
  • Write clear and well-structured business requirements and project documentation, including Vendor RFP(s).
  • Assist in developing Business case, Project plans, and ROI – cost/benefit analysis.
  • Support the launch of new projects/initiatives.
  • Assist in implementation functions and/or train employees on new procedures.
  • Introduction to/hands on with all teams in IT and perform other IT related duties as assigned.
  • Seeking degree in IT, Business Analytics, Business Administration, Information Systems, or related fields. 
  • Must have taken courses in Information Systems, Data Analytics, etc.  
  • Must be organized and detail oriented.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft applications.
  • Experience in customer service is preferred.
  • Gain hands-on experience working with subject matter experts and IT Director of Business Solutions. 
  • Training and hands-on experience with knowledgeable IT internal and external professionals.
  • Gain knowledge in Project/IT management, Vendor management, and software applications. 
  • Compensated intern position.